Psychiatric Inpatient Acute Unit

Cumberland Hospital’s Psychiatric Inpatient Acute Unit is designed to provide compassionate treatment services to children and adolescents who require inpatient acute psychiatric stabilization.


Call 888-410-2642 for psychiatric emergencies

Serving Children and Adolescents, Ages 5 to 17

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents is excited to announce a new unit for children and adolescents who are struggling with serious medical conditions and also need acute psychiatric stabilization. Our compassionate team of professionals can help these youth learn to improve emotion regulation, cognition, behavior and/or impulse control while also attending to their medical needs.

Average length of stay (from admission to discharge) is 7-10 days.

Our goal is to help patients return to their home, school and community environment as quickly and safely as possible. The multidisciplinary team collaborates with community-based resources to help ensure a successful transition.

The treatment program can include:

  • Assessment
  • Stabilization
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Medication management
  • Brief cognitive and behavioral interventions
  • Community education
  • Discharge planning

Included services:

  • Dedicated psychiatrist, case manager, therapist and admission staff
  • 24/7 nursing care, physician/licensed independent practitioner services with a daily medication check
  • Daily allied therapy
  • Family, group, or individual therapy from a licensed or license-eligible therapist
  • Daily psychoeducation group
  • Specialty medical and clinical services as assessed and indicated
  • Ongoing milieu therapy services
  • 24/7 discharge planning

Admission criteria:

  • Between ages of 5-17
  • Medically stable
  • Currently suicidal or having suicidal ideations
  • Currently assaultive, self-harming/mutilating or destructive behavior
  • Currently experiencing hallucinations (visual or auditory), bizarre or delusional behavior
  • Unable to perform activities of daily living due to severe psychiatric symptoms
  • Currently experiencing disorientation or memory impairment to the degree of endangering welfare
  • Experiencing loss of body control, total body rigidity, immobility, seizures (withdrawal or toxic), or obsessive-compulsive behavior which cannot be controlled

Exclusionary criteria:

  • Patient has significant medical illness/non psychiatric illness which cannot be treated appropriately in a psychiatric hospital setting
  • Applicant is medically unstable and/or requires intensive medical care
  • Applicant does not have an Axis I psychiatric diagnosis

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