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Cumberland Hospital is here to walk with you and your family. Beginning with a free, confidential assessment, our team will listen and help determine the program that will best serve your child’s needs.

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Health Services For Children and Adolescents

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents, located in New Kent, Virginia, provides comprehensive medical, behavioral, rehabilitative, and educational services for children and adolescents, ages 6 through 17 (case by case review for ages 2-5 and 18-22).

Our nurses, physicians, therapists, and rehab services staff specialists provide multidisciplinary treatment, matching medical protocols with strategies to analyze and modify behavior over time. Our goal is to stabilize medical problems and help children develop positive behavioral coping strategies using an interdisciplinary approach.

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Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents doesn’t look like a hospital because it isn’t like most hospitals. Our unconventional setting helps patients find new opportunities for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if Cumberland Hospital is the right fit? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions over on our FAQ page.

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Cumberland Academy

Cumberland Academy is an on-site extension of treatment that ensures each patient’s academic program is as individualized as his or her treatment plan. Personalized attention allows the patient to grow through hands-on experiences.

Our Mission

It is Cumberland Hospital’s mission to provide integrated medical, rehabilitative, behavioral, and educational services for young people who, because of the complexity of challenges they face, are considered difficult to treat. Treatment is offered through a wide range of services, multiple levels of care, to include community-based services.

It is Cumberland Hospital’s mission to identify each individual’s strengths and develop a plan of care that assists them to move towards greater independence and reintegration into the larger community of school, work and home.

It is also Cumberland Hospital’s mission to provide education regarding illnesses and disabilities to families and the medical and lay communities.

A Special Message to Families

The hospital staff treats patients and visitors with respect, dignity and courtesy. This climate of respect for each other fosters the team approach to treatment and assures the delivery of quality patient care.

When you admit your child to Cumberland, you become part of the treatment team for your child, and have the opportunity to have a positive impact on every young person in the hospital. We ask that you accept this responsibility and approach everyone at Cumberland with respect and courtesy. Smile and say “hello” to patients and staff. It will brighten their day. Talk with other families. You may find that you share common experiences and can help each other deal with your problems. When appropriate, join in on recreational activities. Consider yourself part of the Cumberland team.

Equal Opportunity for Treatment

Cumberland’s policy is to admit and treat all patients without regard to race, color, national origin or disability. The same admission requirements are applied to everyone, and all facilities on the campus are available to patients without discrimination.

“It was clear from the beginning that the staff was working from an enormous base of experience, and there was little that [my son] could throw at them that they had not seen before. It was also clear from meeting his therapists… that they were interested in [him] as a person, and were interested in helping him.”

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Help and hope are closer than you think.

Specialized medical care and personalized mental health treatment is ready for you. We are here to help.