Neurobehavioral Treatment

Cumberland Hospital’s Neurobehavioral Treatment Program provides individualized and compassionate behavioral treatment to children and adolescents dealing with neurological impairments. Our program enables patients to grow, develop skills and learn socially adaptive behaviors


Neurobehavioral Program

Our neurobehavioral program is designed specifically for youth whose neurological impairments are compounded by behavior issues. Because each patient’s physical, cognitive and emotional rehabilitative needs vary, our clinical team designs customized treatment plans using the many services available at Cumberland Hospital.

At Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents, located in New Kent, Virginia, we understand that children’s emotions and behavior can be affected by their medical conditions and developmental status. Our Neurobehavioral Program is designed specifically for youth whose neurological impairments are compounded by behavior issues.

Our team of professionals have many years of experience in childhood development, diseases, injuries and emotional adaptation. We help young people (ages 2 to 22) heal physically and develop emotionally by employing the latest approaches in medical management and through building adaptive skills.


Upon admission, each child participates in a comprehensive multidisciplinary team assessment from which a master treatment plan is developed that considers the child’s unique needs. Because of Cumberland Hospital’s small size and specialized staff, each child receives personalized treatment in a nurturing environment. Medical assessment and treatment includes consultations from a pediatric neurologist, a pediatric psychiatrist or neuropsychologist as necessary.

Criteria for Admission:

  • IQ of 75 or lower
  • Neurological diagnosis
  • Pervasive impairment of adaptive functions in at least two of the following areas:
    • Communication
    • Self-care
    • Home living
    • Social skills
    • Leisure
    • Health and safety
    • Self-direction
    • Functional academics
    • Community use
    • Work
      • Therapy needs in the areas of speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy or behavior management

One or more of the following situations exist:

  • Acute change in child’s medical or behavioral status representing a danger to self or others, or to the child’s further developmental progress
  • Service cannot be provided in a less structured or less intensive setting due to the severity of illness or intensity of services required
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation required
  • Medication adjustments required that may produce negative changes in health, neurological or behavioral status

What to Expect

The Neurobehavioral Program includes individual, group and community activities interwoven into each child’s specific treatment goals. These activities provide opportunities for healthy interpersonal interaction and development. In addition, children attend school on campus at Cumberland Academy.

Throughout treatment, Cumberland’s program helps children learn socially adaptive behaviors and find the support required to maintain new skills after discharge. Sometimes, children develop the skills required to manage the demands of daily living. Other times, children need continuing help to sustain success. At Cumberland Hospital, we blend skill development and positive behavioral support strategies to produce enduring outcomes for each child.

Medical needs are directed by a board-certified pediatrician and administered by nurses and behavioral counselors. Most children who are admitted to the Neurobehavioral Program are medically stable, but still require medical services such as nursing, medication adjustment and nutrition education.

Consistent treatment is critical to each patient’s success. Staff members remain in constant communication regarding each individual’s status. Detailed data sheets, treatment team meetings and core scheduling are just a few of the ways that our professional staff keeps abreast of each patient’s ongoing needs and required care throughout treatment.

Our goal is to help each child develop the skills and support required to live in the least restrictive, most community-inclusive and culturally relevant environment possible.

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