When you refer your patients to Cumberland, we know that you have entrusted their well-being to us. We hold your referral in the highest regard as we walk with them in their wellness journey.

Licensing and Accreditations

Cumberland Hospital is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health, and our Residential Treatment Program is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Cumberland Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and committed to providing high-quality care to its patients. Cumberland Academy is monitored by the Virginia Department of Education.

The Referral Process

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents works with children, ages 2 to 22, living with chronic illness, neurobehavioral issues and traumatic brain injuries. We value the relationship we have with our partners in care. We work with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, educational consultants, dietitians, physicians and others all across the nation seeking the specialized levels of care Cumberland Hospital offers.

Helping a patient succeed and thrive means collaboration and partnership among everyone involved in the process. Each member of our team plays a critical role in providing high-quality medical care and seeking better outcomes for their patient. We look forward to working with you and your patient to ensure they receive the top quality care they deserve. We appreciate your referral and are happy to answer questions regarding treatment and care or to discuss the individual needs of your patient. Please call our admissions team 800-368-3472 or email us here. For residential treatment services, please call our KidLink Virginia Care Coordinators at 757-922-3332 or email us here.


We accept referrals from parents and family members, professionals, schools, child welfare agencies and other organizations, both in state and out of state.

Referral Process

When making a referral, the following information can facilitate the decision-making process and expedite the admission:

  1. A letter of medical necessity from a treating physician, which includes:
    • A statement referring the patient to Cumberland Hospital
    • Diagnoses (both medical and behavioral)
  2. Previous treatments
  3. Recent medical and behavioral health information

Hospital Services

We understand the emotional toll a brain injury, chronic illness and neurobehavioural issues can take on a child. That’s why our hospital services address their physical and mental well-being, giving them the tools to continually learn and grow during and after treatment.

Residential Treatment

Designed for adolescents who have a chronic illness, brain injury or neurological impairment, Cumberland’s Residential Services Program provides a specialized medical atmosphere when hospitalization is not needed.

Insurance Information

We accept a wide variety of insurance plans and work with all insurance companies including Medicaid, Tricare® and commercial insurance. Cumberland Hospital will work with you and your insurance provider to determine coverage options.

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