Hospital Services

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents, located in New Kent, Virginia, employs a team of professionals who are experts in childhood development, diseases, injuries and emotional adaptation. We use the latest approaches in medical management and adaptive skill-building to help young people ages two to 22 heal physically and develop emotionally.

At Cumberland Hospital, patients and their families learn effective strategies for managing the disease in daily living so they can begin to enjoy life again.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can impact a person’s emotional outlook and behavior. We help children and adolescents heal physically and emotionally in a nurturing environment by using positive reinforcement and medical techniques. We offer a comprehensive array of treatment services for traumatic brain injuries, from coma recovery to acute rehabilitation.

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Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses can be difficult for children to handle, especially if they feel different from their friends. They may react with defiant, impulsive or depressive behaviors, and the entire family may feel the effects of the disease as a result. Combining positive reinforcement with medical treatment, our experienced professionals help young people and their families not just cope with — but flourish in — life with chronic illness.

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Neurobehavioral Program

Our neurobehavioral program is designed specifically for youth whose neurological impairments are compounded by behavior issues. Because each patient’s physical, cognitive and emotional rehabilitative needs vary, our clinical team designs customized treatment plans using the many services available at Cumberland Hospital.

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Rehab Group Schedule

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