Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are real, treatable medical illnesses that can cause serious concerns. Our program can help with the range of issues that can arise as a result of an eating disorder. We treat a variety of diagnoses including anorexia, food aversion and bulimia. We have a chronic illness program and can treat patients with a co-occurring diagnosis of diabetes and an eating disorder (Diabulimia) and therapists can treat co-occurring issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger, trauma and family struggles.

Medical Capabilities of our Eating Disorders Program:

  • Can accept patients with extremely low BMIs
  • Can provide cardiac and electrolyte monitoring
  • Offer calorie replacement (Ng tube feeding or TPN administration)

Patients can learn to:

  • Slowly manage compensatory eating behaviors, such as binging, purging and restricting
  • Address fears and anxieties
  • Improve comfort with social eating
  • Re-establish independent eating behaviors with support of their team

The multidisciplinary team includes physicians and medical staff, therapists, nurses, dietitians, case manager and behavioral health counselors. Patients participate in individual, family and group therapies that focus on understanding the dynamics of a person’s eating disorder and the purpose it serves in their life, while learning new ways meet their needs.

Patients are encouraged to learn and practice skills in and outside of therapy. While in treatment, they have the opportunity to interact with peers with a variety of medical and psychological issues to allow for the ability to gain support from other patients for a diverse social experience.


What to Expect

Patients work through protocol “phases” that allow them to practice varying degrees of responsibility and autonomy over their food and activity. This structure is in place to allow for more predictability, clear expectations for advancement and camaraderie from others that are on similar paths. Read a detailed explanation of the phase system for eating disorders treatment here.


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