Diabetes Treatment

Cumberland’s insulin management program helps patients advance toward the use of an insulin pump system. The plan enables patients to choose their desired amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat and then take insulin based on their planned food intake. This not only gives patients control over their lives but also helps them understand body chemistry and how food and exercise impact their bodies. Patients must demonstrate maturity, independence and responsibility to qualify for this program component.

Cumberland’s Diabetes Management Program is guided by sensitivity to the developmental needs of children and adolescents. The program provides opportunities to gain positive peer support by interacting with other children who face similar physical, emotional and social challenges. Patients are discharged with feelings of accomplishment and success. They realize they are individuals who happen to have diabetes rather than perceiving themselves as oddities within their peer group.

Cumberland’s multi-disciplinary approach incorporates pediatric/adolescent medicine, psychology, nursing, physical and recreational therapy, diet and nutrition, social work and education. By integrating these disciplines, the Diabetes Management Program is successful in:

  • Stabilizing medical problems
  • Addressing behavioral management issues such as medical non-adherence
  • Educating the patient on diet and self-care techniques
  • Helping the family cope effectively with the child’s chronic illness
  • Reducing the likelihood of repeated hospitalizations
  • Transition planning with home and community resources including, when appropriate, use of an insulin pump


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