A Letter From the Medical Director

Thank you for your interest in Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents.

The physicians who started Cumberland in 1983 envisioned a hospital that provides integrated care, combining medical, psychotherapeutic, rehabilitative, behavioral and educational services for young people challenged by both complex medical and emotional needs. 

Our community of professionals has helped many young people reach optimum levels of health, independence and improved family relationship by identifying and building on each patient’s strengths and abilities. We work as a team to develop goals and plans for treatment in partnership with our patients, families, caregivers and professionals. We are able to share our collective knowledge and expertise through this process, treating both mind and body as a whole because we believe a child’s health is impacted by all aspects of his or her life. This integrated approach contributes to the success of our patients.

The location and setting of Cumberland Hospital lend itself to healing. With acres of farmland, trees and waterways surrounding the hospital, we incorporate the outdoors into each patient’s daily life. Our goal is to provide an environment that meets every child’s need for learning, recreation, peer interaction, socialization and spiritual and emotional growth.

I invite you to visit our hospital campus or community-based group home. You will find a truly unique approach to providing quality medical care to young people. We may just be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Best wishes for the future,
Dr. Brett Sharp
Medical Director

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