Cumberland Hospital - Neurobehavioral Admissions

Cumberland’s Neurobehavioral Program provides a structured environment for evaluation of medication regimens and consistent behavioral programming. All program services focus on helping children return to the least restrictive, most community-inclusive and culturally relevant setting possible.

Admission criteria include:

  • Limited intellectual function (IQ 75 or lower)
  • Pervasive impairment of adaptive functions in at least two of the following areas: communication, self-care, home living, social skills, leisure, health and safety, self-direction, functional academics, community use and work
  • Neurological diagnosis
  • Therapy needs in the areas of speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy or behavior management
  • One or more of the following situations exist:
    • acute change in child’s medical or behavioral status representing a danger to self or others, or to the child’s further developmental progress
    • service cannot be provided in a less structured or less intensive setting due to severity of illness and/or intensity of services required
    • multi-disciplinary evaluation required
    • medication adjustments required that may produce negative changes in health, neurological (Seizures) or behavioral status