Functional Approach

Cumberland Hospital Functional Approach

The functional approach used at Cumberland helps patients learn skills they can use in a variety of situations. Psychology services are integrated with cognitive rehabilitation, enabling staff to help patients on a practical level. While patients work on improving memory, organizational and planning skills, they also explore how they feel about adjusting to any deficits they may now be experiencing.

Recreational activities, including a wheelchair-accessible ROPES (Reality-Oriented Physical Experiential Services) course, provide more opportunities to blend physical and emotional rehabilitation. Our ROPES course is a combination obstacle/challenge course used to help patients work together to solve problems while developing self-esteem.

In addition to individual and group psychotherapies, patients also participate in specialized sessions such as anger management and social skills groups. A community integration group helps patients explore how their behaviors affect others.

Unit staff members are trained to redirect inappropriate behaviors and to facilitate the therapeutic environment outside of therapy sessions. Staff members are in constant communication regarding the status of each patient. Detailed data sheets help all staff involved in the care of each patient track progress and any significant incidents.